3 Things You Should Know About Managed Endpoint Security

Network devices such as laptops, tablets, or servers make it easier than ever for organizations to collaborate and accomplish work together. However, these devices, also called endpoints, also provide many potential entry points for threats such as viruses, unauthorized access, and other malicious activity.

Managed endpoint security is necessary for organizations such as biotechs and life science companies dealing with sensitive, private, or valuable information and intellectual property. What should you know about managed endpoint security and protecting your company? Read on for answers from your Data Evolution experts.

What is endpoint security?

Endpoint security describes any cybersecurity services used to protect network endpoints, including computers, smartphones, and other devices. The most common forms of endpoint security are antivirus, antimalware, and encryption management software.

Antivirus and antimalware software are designed to prevent, detect, and eliminate malicious programs and viruses on computers. Encryption management software’s purpose is to protect sensitive data by encrypting it while not being used and decrypting it when it gets accessed by authorized users.

More advanced and effective endpoint security solutions include managed monitoring platforms, which monitor and log endpoint events at a detailed level. In other words, these platforms leverage a data center and algorithms to monitor and analyze network traffic for potential inconsistencies or threat vectors.

One specific but widespread threat to your endpoint security is DNS hijacking. Every request made on the internet is filtered through the Domain Name System. Unfortunately, malicious parties can use this crucial vector to redirect you or any information you share to somewhere else. You need specific protection like Cisco Umbrella, managed by a trusted partner, to mitigate this threat.

Why does endpoint security need to be managed?

Endpoint security technology is essentially always reactive; it identifies a condition that exists or an event that has already happened and then responds to it accordingly. Managing those responses is what makes the real difference to your security.

The tools used to protect your endpoints are necessary and valuable, but simply “setting and forgetting” them means no one is responding meaningfully. Partnering with a trusted IT service provider such as Data Evolution allows you to leverage an economy of scale and expertise with these programs.

The types of tools you use and the features they offer are not the most critical details to consider for your endpoint security. Instead, have an experienced IT partner monitor and assess endpoint activity and potential threats. Managed endpoint security is the better way to protect yourself.

How can companies best protect themselves with managed endpoint security?

If you prefer a standalone solution for your endpoint security, at a minimum, you will need a trusted and reliable antivirus and antimalware solution. These solutions are especially vital for organizations dealing with sensitive or private information. Data Evolution can help you identify and select the best programs and software for your needs.

However, your Data Evolution experts are also equipped to interpret and respond proactively to the information delivered by these programs. The best way to protect yourself and your crucial work is to find a partner like Data Evolution to manage your endpoint security.

Partnering with a trusted IT service provider such as Data Evolution does not mean your endpoint security is out of your hands. No solution is entirely bulletproof, so it is crucial that you maintain awareness of potential threats and what you should or should not respond to or open. Learn more in our resources on Proactive Security Awareness and End-User Security Training.

Are you looking for a managed endpoint security solution? Do you have more questions about IT services to protect and facilitate your work? Feel free to reach out to us anytime.