What a newly-launched biotech needs to get started

Biotech and life science companies tend to grow quickly. Your team may grow from two to thirty or more in a single year, and your workflow needs to scale and pivot smoothly with you. Partner with a mature MSP such as Data Evolution who understands this industry, what you need to operate now, and how this will change over time.

Your IT service provider will help you build out programs and standards to avoid drastic, wasteful changes as you grow. We understand how companies like yours are funded and expanded, and this understanding pays off right from the beginning while you get started.

Email & Security

For most biotech startups, the top priority after acquiring funding is getting an email system set up under the company name. Many newly launched companies start out using a Gmail or venture partner company account and want to begin communicating with partners, peers, and recruits through an official company email domain.

You may feel pressured to get email set up as quickly as possible, often before even obtaining company computers and other equipment. However, your experienced team at Data Evolution has some advice for you: give your MSP time to set things up the right way!

Fully setting up your email system from the get-go with multi-factor authentication, virus scanning, archiving software, and other tools or security may require up to two weeks to be fully ready. You may not want to wait this long: we know you have important work to do and investors waiting for progress reports. But we assure you, this will save you time and money in the long run.

If you invest time and care in setting up your email system correctly, you will ultimately have an easier time using, protecting, and scaling your email as you grow.

File sharing

Another high-priority item is establishing a file-sharing system. Sharing important files through email can create multiple, conflicting, or incomplete file versions. It is crucial to set up file sharing the right way, including security, backups, and organized procedures.

Security and backups are critical because your work resides in data, especially if you do not have company computers yet. Everything, from presentation slides with proprietary company information to raw data from instruments, should be backed up and protected from the start.

It is also vital to establish procedures and habits for how to store and organize information. Building out your systems to accommodate your future work requires balance: you want to set standards early, but you also want to make informed decisions. Ensure the right people are available to be involved in these early conversations and throughout the decision-making process.

Work with an experienced MSP such as Data Evolution to find the appropriate and most effective balance to use your precious resources as efficiently as possible.

Scalable systems

The delicate balance between maintaining flexibility and defining standards is necessary for all your systems, not just your file sharing. Without the right balance, you may need to change your systems and processes later instead of scaling them smoothly. Too much change can create frustration, take time away from your team, and slow your work down.

Working with the right IT partner will help you think beyond your company’s first 3-6 months. Consider the work you will be doing, the data you will generate, the systems you will need, and other essential information. This includes managed antimalware and antivirus applications, computer setup standards, system toolsets and security, and more.

Standardized systems will help you grow in a structured way that does not disrupt your momentum as you build out your team, acquire company computers and other equipment, and continue to expand. Have a conversation with your IT service provider and core team members to standardize your systems and ensure everything works and scales together.

Cyber education

While a newly launched biotech company is not an immediate target, malware and phishing attempts will begin quickly once your company name becomes public information and your team starts to grow. Cyber education will become a critical piece of your company’s cybersecurity, from your onboarding process to regular updates on email safety and how to identify cyberattacks.

In addition to cyber education, Data Evolution can help you implement training campaigns and programs that will run in the background to educate your team and identify “click-happy” users. Improving user awareness of social engineering, phishing attempts, and ransomware attacks will reduce the danger of cyber threats to your company.

Every company is different, and you may not have an immediate need for cyber education. Once you are ready to implement these measures, Data Evolution is ready to help.

Are you ready to get your biotech company off the ground? Partner with Data Evolution to set up and standardize your systems the right way.