See Yourself in Cyber: Why People Are the Center of Cybersecurity

Posted by Data Evolution on 10/31/22 10:19 AM

In 2004, October was declared Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Dedicating October to cybersecurity helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting our personal and professional information. As we see this focus on cybersecurity remain central to business strategies year after year, it is a reminder that we are still battling security risks, old and new.


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SOHO Attacks: Why Home Offices Need to be Part of Your Organization’s Security Strategy

Posted by Data Evolution on 8/24/22 3:27 PM

What is ZuoRAT and how does it work?

Remote Access Trojans (RAT’s) have existed since the 1990’s. They are malicious software designed to remotely control an infected computer, while remaining undetectable. What makes the newly discovered ZuoRAT unique is that it appears to be a highly organized, potentially state-sponsored hacking campaign specifically targeting remote workers and their unsecure home networks, which have exploded in number with the pandemic.

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The Three Ps of Cybersecurity

Posted by Data Evolution on 6/23/22 12:20 PM

Cyber threats and attacks are rising, costing companies money and time. According to the FBI, in 2021 alone, companies lost around $6.9 billion. So how can organizations protect themselves? In this post, we’ll explain the three Ps that any company should have as part of their security defense and how you can utilize them to prevent cyberattacks:

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Everything You Need to Know About the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Posted by Data Evolution on 6/3/22 11:35 AM

Microsoft recently launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE). The goal was to give customers greater choice and flexibility in how they purchased their Microsoft product licenses. There are changes in the billing model, price, and how Microsoft will offer licenses for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 products.

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3 Tips for Biotech Companies Navigating Supply Chain Issues

Posted by Data Evolution on 4/18/22 11:37 AM

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers and producers have learned to adapt to many new and unforeseen challenges and hardships. For biotech companies in 2022, navigating the shortages and delays in the global supply chain is one such challenge that looks set to continue through the rest of the year. Data Evolution has outlined three tips to help biotech companies mitigate these issues until the global supply chain fully recovers.

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How Supply Chain Issues Are Affecting Biotech Companies

Posted by Data Evolution on 4/12/22 9:28 AM

Companies across all industries are dealing with supply chain issues and shortages in 2022. From extended delivery times to product unavailability continuing for weeks and months, companies have had to learn to be flexible and adapt to the difficulties presented by global supply chain issues.

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6 Topics You May See on Your Ransomware Insurance Form

Posted by Data Evolution on 3/11/22 12:39 PM

With the threats that businesses face today, you may be considering cyber and ransomware insurance. Many insurance companies are even starting to include questions related to cyber and ransomware for typical errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policies.

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Data Privacy Week Concepts to Remember All Year Long

Posted by Data Evolution on 1/19/22 12:02 PM

In 2022, Data Privacy Week is taking place from January 24-28. It is crucial to raise awareness about data privacy during this week-long initiative. However, data privacy concepts remain essential for securing and managing personal information all year.

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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Life Science Company’s IT Needs

Posted by Data Evolution on 12/21/21 10:48 AM

Life science companies have unique IT needs at every stage. It can be challenging to judge whether it is a better use of your resources to establish an internal IT team or outsource your needs to a dedicated IT service provider. While each option has pros and cons, partnering with experienced consultants such as Data Evolution is usually more sensible.

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3 Common IT Oversights for Biotech Startups

Posted by Data Evolution on 11/24/21 9:35 AM

Your biotech startup has an endless list of things to keep in mind as you build out your company and pursue your essential work. It is critical to stay away from potential missteps that can create unnecessary challenges or waste valuable dollars down the road. Here are three common IT oversights for your biotech startup to avoid.

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