Growing Your Biotech Startup Business with a Secure IT Infrastructure

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 6/18/13 2:04 PM

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The success or failure of your biotech startup is dependent on many things, from the strength of your technology, to the quality of management, to your relationship with investors. But one of the most consequential and frequently overlooked factors is the IT infrastructure you have in place on your first day of business. When starting up a small business in the biotech sector, your technology has to be set up to capitalize on opportunities and avoid setbacks. Every business startup does better when it has the right tools in place from day one. You can help your biotech company manage the benefits and hazards of growth by keeping the following IT concerns in mind.  

Data Backup

Few problems are more crippling to a business startup than the loss of important data, and this is especially true for biotech startup companies whose data is essentially their product. Having reliable, automatic, and comprehensive data backup solutions ensures that you never lose the valuable information that your company depends on. In the early startup phase and, often times, thereafter, there are many outside consultants with important files on their systems, are they backing up your data?. With cloud backup services, there are ways to backup this dispersed data. Also, there are even ways to replicate the systems that you rely on so that you will never be without your most important technologies.

Restricted Networks

Starting up a small business involves a lot of details, and not enough entrepreneurs take the time to limit administrative privileges on their computers and file systems. Taking this important step ensures that only the people who have executive responsibilities have final say over the way an IT infrastructure works. This can help you avoid viruses, software licensing issues, and unnecessary stress to your IT systems and the IT budget

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Professional Oversight

IT problems and complications are inevitable, especially as you begin to grow. When problems arise, or your needs suddenly change, you will want to rely on IT professionals who understand how your infrastructure was built, what it needs to do, and react timely and effectively to keep your employees productive. Tapping into this expertise means that you can spend less time worrying about your IT and more time growing your business.

Data Security

Protecting the exclusivity of your data has to be a concern from before you even setup your lab. But as your business grows, and the size and value of your experimental data grows too, you will need to scale up your security capabilities. What worked in the beginning can quickly, and consequentially, become inadequate. Managing growth effectively requires any business startup to get serious about data security.

An IT service provider that has experience in the biotech industry can help you manage the challenges of growth. Experience counts for a lot when it comes to IT, especially for biotech startups that have a limited amount of time to meet their investor's and partners milestones. An IT service provider that has been there before can help you sidestep unexpected obstacles and unforeseen challenges as you proceed forward. If your company is growing and you want to make the most of the opportunity, read through our white paper “After the Seed: Planning IT Investment for a Biotech Startup.”


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