How to Evaluate the IT Outsourcing Needs of Your Company in 5 Questions

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 7/25/13 3:58 PM

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Transferring your IT services from an in-house department to an outsourced company presents both opportunities and challenges. Relying on outsourced IT solutions frees up time and energy for you to spend on more important projects, but only if you are prepared for the scope of the changes. If your company is preparing to use an outside company to handle your IT management, ask yourself the following questions in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1.) What systems do I have in place today?

You may be surprised at the scope and complexity of your existing IT infrastructure. Understanding what technologies your company already relies on is the first step to take in order to improve them. Find out how many computers your are running, how your internet is set up, where your data is stored and what kinds of software your depend on.

2.) What critical elements are missing?

Making changes in your IT infrastructure involves more elements that you realize. It is one thing to hook up a new computer, it is another to keep all of your IT systems updated, linked and running as efficiently and effectively as possible. The company that handles your IT outsourcing can audit your existing systems and show you what is missing. That way you can make improvements that actually work without having to purchase unnecessary or redundant equipment.

3.) Who can I go to for help?

Support is one of the most valuable services that your IT outsourcing company can provide you with. In even the best managed systems, breakdowns, miscommunications and user confusion are inevitable. Plus, if you are upgrading or overhauling your existing IT infrastructure, there are bound to be questions you need to get good answers to. Make sure that you understand what level of support your IT company is prepared to provide and how they can be contacted when you need to rely on their expertise.

4.) How is my business going to change in the future?

What will your company's IT needs be in six months, a year or five years? As you know, planning and preparing for the future is critical for any business, especially small business and startups. The technologies you have in place could suddenly become ineffective or inadequate if you get a big new contract, add a new piece of machinery or switch locations. Anticipating this change and being ready for it before it happens ensures that your business runs smoothly even as it changes. Your IT company can help you to anticipate your company's future IT needs and plan for them in advance.

5.) Can my current systems support that change?

One of the most valuable resources that IT outsourcing solutions offer is expertise. Your business is your specialty, IT is not. Instead of trying to wade through reams of technical specifications to make sense of your current capabilities and future needs, why not rely on a team of experts who make it their business to analyze IT infrastructures? You need to know if your business is prepared for the change that is coming.

Any good IT outsourcing company will make it their priority to improve your existing IT systems while reducing the amount of time, money and stress that you spend on them. Read our white paper “The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Outsourcing” to learn more about how your company can benefit and grow with the right technical assistance.

The Ultimate Small Business Guide to IT Outsourcing

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