Why Biotech Startups Need a Better Kind of Managed IT Service Provider

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 8/13/13 5:37 PM

biotech startupThere are almost as many managed IT service providers (MSPs) as there are biotech startups. Whether large or small, specialized or general, these companies help business of all types select, install and maintain their IT infrastructure. They may seem to be all alike, but most MSPs will not have the experience or expertise to provide your biotech start up with exactly the technology mix it needs meet its goals.

In order for a young biotech company to make the most of its startup funding, it needs to rely on a better kind of ITO. It is not enough to hire an IT company to hook up computers, set up a wireless system and install software updates. You need an MSP that can prepare you for the challenges of big data, the inevitability of tech problems and the opportunities of hybrid cloud storage. When you are evaluating offers from competing MSPs, look past the price, and consider whether or not they understand the challenges your biotech startup will face in its early stages. These are a few of the things a better kind of MSP can help you deal with. 

Huge Storage Needs

Depending on the type of experiments you are running, your biotech start up could begin piling up data at remarkable speeds. Do you have the storage capacity to handle thousands of gigabytes of information and the flexibility to increase your capacity quickly? If you don't, that data, and all the money you have invested in producing it, is at worst at risk and at best unmanageable.

A MSP with a concentration in the biotech space will understand the unique data storage needs of a biotech start up and how to manage them. Advances in hybrid cloud solutions allow you to save almost limitless amounts of data leveraging fast on-site storage and longer term cloud based storage. Your MSP should be able to help you evaluate hybrid cloud storage options and manage the data you need to have stored for the success of your business.

Growing IT Infrastructure

Every business owner hopes, and expects, their business to grow. But when your biotech startup suddenly needs to hire new employees, share data securely with CRO’s or technology partners or bring new hi-tech equipment online, how will you scale up your IT infrastructureto meet the demand? 

Without the right IT plan in place, your growth strategy could stumble right when you most need to prove your viability.

With the right technology and partner in place, it is easy to add or subtract elements as you need them. Not only is this more convenient than installing entire new systems, it allows you to anticipate the cost of your new technology in advance. If you have the right MSP, they can show you effective ways to  effectively scale your IT infrastructure as your company grows.

Inconvenient Tech Problems

Something will go wrong. When you have a computer that crashes, an application that refuses to respond or an entire laboratory that is disabled because of a tech problem, who will you turn to for help?

Managing your IT, through both the expected and the unexpected, must be a priority for any MSP you work with. It is not at all unreasonable to expect on-site and over the phone support service,constant remote monitoring and emergency 24x7 support. Don't settle for a company that installs a system and then is too busy to respond timely when it has a problem.

The most successful biotech startups choose the right MSP and IT solution from the start. That way, whenever changes need to be made or problems arise, the company doing the work is intimately familiar with the system they are working on. To learn more about how to vet and select a MSP, read our white paper “After the Seed: Planning It Investment for a Biotech Startup"

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