What to Avoid When Creating or Changing Your Password

Posted by Data Evolution on 10/4/21 11:13 AM

Password hacking happens every day, and not just to large corporations or governmental organizations. Cybercriminals can profit so much from hacking any person’s accounts that it is well worth the effort for them to invest time and effort in trying to gain access to “ordinary” people’s accounts.

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5 Signs That It Is Time to Update Your Password

Posted by Data Evolution on 9/27/21 11:01 AM

When was the last time you changed your personal password? Do any of your accounts share passwords, or have you shared your password with someone else? Regularly changing your passwords is a healthy security practice for your personal accounts, not just at work. Here are five signs it might be time to update your password.

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5 Ways to Create a Strong Password

Posted by Data Evolution on 9/15/21 4:45 PM

Your passwords are like the lock to your house. You would not offer the keys to random people or install a simple lock that any criminal could pick easily. Any compromise to your password security could potentially hurt your credit, financial health, identity, and more.

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3 Things You Should Know About Managed Endpoint Security

Posted by Data Evolution on 8/26/21 1:20 PM

Network devices such as laptops, tablets, or servers make it easier than ever for organizations to collaborate and accomplish work together. However, these devices, also called endpoints, also provide many potential entry points for threats such as viruses, unauthorized access, and other malicious activity.

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3 Reasons Proactive Security Awareness Should Matter to You

Posted by Data Evolution on 8/4/21 5:00 PM

These days, social engineering attacks are one of the top threats to your company’s cybersecurity. A recent study found that, on average, organizations get targeted by more than 700 social engineering attacks per year. This type of threat includes techniques such as phishing and ransomware, and it relies on a lack of awareness, attention, and time to assess the threat.

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How can your company help prevent phishing emails?

Posted by Data Evolution on 7/2/21 9:23 AM

Taking email security measures seriously is more critical than ever. Phishing emails come in many forms and present severe threats to your company’s intellectual property, daily workflows, and finances. Successful cybercriminal attacks can disrupt or damage progress, especially for biotechs and other life science companies.

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How Cloud Services Are Shaping Up Life Sciences

Posted by Data Evolution on 6/10/21 12:06 PM

Cloud services offer flexibility, security, and convenience to life science companies. In such a fast-paced and competitive industry, these benefits are not to be taken lightly. Whether you need to handle complex computational needs or simply get your company up and running without having to set up a physical hardware infrastructure, consider if cloud services are suitable for your work.

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End-User Security Training from Onboarding to Offboarding

Posted by Data Evolution on 5/30/21 4:11 PM

If you read or watch the news, then it is no surprise that companies’ electronic systems get compromised all the time, whether big or small. The biotech and life science industry is no stranger to these threats. Even with antivirus and antimalware systems in place, breaches are still possible through the vulnerable path of your employees.

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What a newly-launched biotech needs to get started

Posted by Data Evolution on 4/22/21 11:35 AM

Biotech and life science companies tend to grow quickly. Your team may grow from two to thirty or more in a single year, and your workflow needs to scale and pivot smoothly with you. Partner with a mature MSP such as Data Evolution who understands this industry, what you need to operate now, and how this will change over time.

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5 Key Cybersecurity Musts for Life Science Companies

Posted by Data Evolution on 4/13/21 9:26 PM

Life science companies regularly deal with intellectual property and expensive lab equipment, making them an appealing target for cybercriminals. This is a major issue on two crucial fronts:

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