How Cloud Services Are Shaping Up Life Sciences

Posted by Data Evolution on 6/10/21 12:06 PM

Cloud services offer flexibility, security, and convenience to life science companies. In such a fast-paced and competitive industry, these benefits are not to be taken lightly. Whether you need to handle complex computational needs or simply get your company up and running without having to set up a physical hardware infrastructure, consider if cloud services are suitable for your work.

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 6/2/14 7:45 AM


It seems no one will ever stop talking about everyone’s favorite buzzword – “the cloud.”  I know some people cringe as “cloud” is thrown around with wild abandon as the end-all solution for all your IT problems, and others who vehemently oppose anything “cloud” on the prejudice that it is wildly unsecure.  But given the extreme spectrum on viewpoints, it’s no wonder people can’t stop debating about the efficacy of the cloud.


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How to Plan Your Biotech Startup Company's IT Investment

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 7/30/13 2:54 PM

Every dollar of your angel investment is important. With these limited funds, you have to set up a lab, prove a concept and produce the data necessary to secure more funding. No matter what the initial investment is, these funds disappear fast. That is why planning and budgeting are so important in the early days of a biotech startup.

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The 5 Essentials of Modern Data Security for Your SMB or Startup

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 7/11/13 4:53 PM

Data security is one of the most important and most often neglected aspects of small business IT. Companies assume that because they are small and have relatively limited financial assets, they can get by with simple data security measures often amounting to little more than anti-virus protection.

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