Managed Computer Security

This critical area is often overlooked. Our managed antivirus solution provides a best-of-breed antivirus/antimalware client that is fully controlled and monitored by our NOC engineers. No more annual renewals. No more policing your employees' machines to ensure that they are actually installing the updates. And no more finding out the hard way that your virus definitions were not being regularly updated. Businesses invest a lot into their laptops and desktops and it needs to be understood the investment does not stop at the initial purchase. You put these systems into your employee’s hands expecting a return on your investment and that these systems will allow them to be productive. Your employees have access to sensitive and important information and traveling users may have this sensitive data on their local laptops.


Data Evolution offers programs to protect these systems through monitored and proactive measures to keep these systems up to date, secure and also to track and secure these expensive assets to a company.

Benefits of Managed Computer Security Program:

  • A best-of-breed managed antivirus, antimalware application that is monitored by our network operations center staff
  • Windows and 3rd party patch management
  • Asset tracking for all your systems and applications
  • Location tracking and device wipe if a laptop is lost or stolen

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