After the Seed: Planning IT Investment for a Biotech Startup

Important IT Considerations for Early-Stage Biotech Companies

Finding the right IT setup is a challenge confronted by all early stage or growing businesses, regardless of size or industry. This guide zeroes in on the unique IT needs of early stage biotech companies. While every business has its unique set of IT needs, biotech startups are in a league of their own.


After years of working with biotech and healthcare companies, we've put together this guide that contains valuable lessons learned, including:

  • Launching a scalable IT infrastructure for your biotech business from the beginning
  • Increasing your teams's productivity with adequate memory and processing capacity at less cost
  • Safeguarding your data and IT infrastructure in the event of a security breach or local disaster
  • Understanding the right level of IT support your startup will need from its managed service provider

This free resource was created with the challenges of the biotech entrepreneur in mind.

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