Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Secure Our World

October is here, and with it comes Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time to focus on safeguarding our digital lives. This is the 20th year of the Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign and the theme this year is Secure Our World. Secure Our World is meant to remind us that there are simple ways to protect […]

Steps to Protect Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for professionals, job seekers, and businesses. With over 774 million users worldwide, it’s a treasure trove of career opportunities, networking, and industry insights. However, like any other online platform, it’s not immune to security threats. In the past, LinkedIn has faced data breaches and hacks, compromising […]

What to Do If Your Personal Information Has Been Involved in a Breach

The list of popular companies that many of us interact with or use for services that have had breaches continues to grow in 2023. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, knowing how to respond is crucial if you discover that your personal data has been involved in a breach. In this blog post, we will guide […]

The Power of Single Sign-On with Multi-Factor Authentication

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face increasing challenges in securing their systems and data. As technology advances, so do the tactics employed by cybercriminals. One powerful tool to combat these threats is the implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This combination offers a robust and comprehensive security solution while simplifying […]

3 Reasons Proactive Security Awareness Should Matter to You

Social engineering attacks remain one of the top cybersecurity threats to companies in 2023. According to recent research, businesses experience an average of over 700 social engineering attacks annually, and these attacks use tactics such as phishing and ransomware to exploit a lack of attention, awareness, and time to assess the threat. To combat these […]

The Three Ps of Cybersecurity

Cyber threats and attacks are rising, costing companies money and time. According to the FBI, in 2021 alone, companies lost around $6.9 billion. So how can organizations protect themselves? In this post, we’ll explain the three Ps that any company should have as part of their security defense and how you can utilize them to prevent […]

3 Common IT Oversights for Biotech Startups

Your biotech startup has an endless list of things to keep in mind as you build out your company and pursue your essential work. It is critical to stay away from potential missteps that can create unnecessary challenges or waste valuable dollars down the road. Here are three common IT oversights for your biotech startup […]

Looking Beyond Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October has been dedicated to Cybersecurity Awareness Month every year since 2004. However, as this year’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to an end, your Data Evolution experts are here to remind you that cybersecurity matters every day. Join us as we review why Cybersecurity Awareness Month matters and how we can look beyond this month […]

Managed Network Infrastructure Security: Why It Matters

Your network infrastructure takes time and effort to strategize and develop. Any compromise to your network or infrastructure can disrupt connectivity, communication, and other operational activities. Network infrastructure security is crucial to your productivity. Protecting your network infrastructure ensures that it functions optimally and seamlessly. However, network infrastructure security can be complicated due to the […]

5 Ways to Create a Strong Password

Your passwords are like the lock to your house. You would not offer the keys to random people or install a simple lock that any criminal could pick easily. Any compromise to your password security could potentially hurt your credit, financial health, identity, and more. A strong password can help protect you from these situations. […]

3 Things You Should Know About Managed Endpoint Security

Network devices such as laptops, tablets, or servers make it easier than ever for organizations to collaborate and accomplish work together. However, these devices, also called endpoints, also provide many potential entry points for threats such as viruses, unauthorized access, and other malicious activity. Managed endpoint security is necessary for organizations such as biotechs and […]

3 Reasons Proactive Security Awareness Should Matter to You

These days, social engineering attacks are one of the top threats to your company’s cybersecurity. A recent study found that, on average, organizations get targeted by more than 700 social engineering attacks per year. This type of threat includes techniques such as phishing and ransomware, and it relies on a lack of awareness, attention, and time […]