Testimonial: A Partner in Growth

Phil, the associate director of commercial and business operations for a global life sciences company, is now working with Data Evolution for the third time at a third company. This is not uncommon. Professionals who thrive in the hectic early business growth stage of biotech companies realize they need an IT partner that understands the unique needs of the biotech industry.

“Data Evolution understands the pace at which biotechs work,” Phil said. “They understand two important things: that you’re working within a certain budget, and that you need to be ready to scale as soon as your business starts to grow.”

The Learning Curve, Flattened

Phil called on Data Evolution at the recommendation of his first company’s IT provider, a “one-man shop” that lacked the resources to provide the backbone for a rapidly growing biotech firm. Phil was so impressed with Data Evolution’s services and biotech expertise, that, he said, it was a “no brainer” to bring them along to his new company.


“I was really impressed with Data Evolution’s understanding the Biotech space, we didn’t have to get them up to speed. They already know the regulations common in our industry (which another service providers generally don’t know), as well as FDA and other compliance ‘potholes’ you could step in if you’re not careful."

“One of the most helpful things about Data Evolution is that they are always asking the ‘right’ questions that a biotech company like ours should be thinking about (but wouldn’t even know to ask). When it comes to something as complex as SOX compliance, we really needed a partner who could guide us through the process by asking those questions, like ‘Where are our financial files stored?’ ‘Who has access to these files?’ ‘Do we have a plan in place for changing access permissions when an employee is terminated?’”

Eliminating Biotech Pain Points

Phil’s current company is globally focused, so its IT requirements can be quite complex. Data Evolution handles this admirably, Phil says, with services that include daily IT support, twice-weekly on-site visits, live helpdesk support, and guidance on the higher-level strategic decisions that face an expanding company, like setting up new sites and systems (including overseas) and onboarding new employees.


Often overlooked in the early days of a biotech company is the sheer amount of data it will produce. Data Evolution helps companies avoid being overwhelmed by data overload.

“Your data is submitted in electronic format to the FDA, so there has to be backups. You have to think about where it’s backed up, redundancies, who has access. You don’t really think about the amount of data you’ll be producing; it’s not like we’re coding here!” Phil said. “But, the amount of data put out by our researchers is huge. So finding ways to store all that data and make it accessible and manageable is huge for biotech companies. And Data Evolution has helped us with all of that.”

How Can Data Evolution Help Your Biotech Company Grow?

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