Testimonial: Backup and Recovery

As is common in the biotech industry, Stephanie*, the office manager for a small Massachusetts biopharmaceutical company (about 15 employees), wears many hats. Her responsibilities range from sending packages, to ordering equipment, to, of course, setting up and maintaining her firm’s computers and IT infrastructure. She needs to be well-versed in her company’s systems and to make sure they’re accessible at all times.


Making a Change

When she first started there, her company called an IT consultant whenever something went wrong. Stephanie knew this wasn’t a very effective way of solving problems, so she brought in Data Evolution.  Having worked with Steve at Data Evolution at two of her previous jobs, she was already convinced partnering with DE would provide them the preventive oversight they needed, and be able to respond to problems better when they happened.


“Data Evolution takes responsibility – whatever it is they’ll get it fixed and make it right,” Stephanie said. “That’s something you don’t always get with other IT companies. They try to shuffle it off and blame somebody else (like another vendor). That kind of ‘not my problem’ attitude doesn’t work for me.”


Stephanie has always been very impressed with Data Evolution’s responsiveness. “I’ve never had to leave a voicemail and I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours,” she said.


A Decision Pays Off

Stephanie’s switch to Data Evolution proved to be the right move when a database associated with her company’s accounting software became unusable. All of the records were gone, but thanks to Data Evolution’s backup system, a potential catastrophe (manually having to re-enter all of the lost information – weeks’ worth of busywork) was avoided. Over the course of two days, the Data Evolution team located the corrupted file, repaired it, tested it, and got the database up and running again.


“Data Evolution was able to restore the entire database to within six hours before it died. This was a lifesaver because it meant I didn’t have to spend weeks pulling invoices and re-entering them manually. [Data Evolution Co-Founder] Steve Vigeant personally stopped by to help walk us through the restoration process and go over things with me,” Stephanie said.


IT Expertise That Keeps Biotechs Going

In the biotech industry, stories like Stephanie’s are common: small teams with many members taking on multiple responsibilities and everyone working furiously to turn their ideas and data into business value. A well-functioning IT system is critical; any downtime can cause the workflow to stop, interrupting the creative flow of scientists and engineers and causing the business to grind to a halt.


Data Evolution understands the special requirements of small biotech companies and works exclusively with them to set up their IT systems, keep them running continuously, and maintain compliance with all regulations. Contact us with more information about what you need help with.


*Name has been changed