The Ultimate Small Business Guide to IT Outsourcing

Everything You Need to Know About Working with an Outside IT Partner

As a small business owner, understanding your current and future IT needs is to the health of your business.


A 2011 HP survey of more than 500 IT managers at small businesses revealed that 93% of companies put cost above the appropriate IT solutions and, as a result, 89% of those businesses had experienced IT related problems. This guide to IT outsourcing will help you, the small business owner, evaluate your IT needs an take the appropriate first steps to address them.


This guide will teach you:

  • The 5 IT questions business owners need to answer to be successful
  • A 3 step process for protecting the future of your business
  • Special considerations for your industry
  • The best ways to apply the benefits of IT outsourcing



This free resource was created with the challenges of the small business owner in mind.

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