Weekly IT Buzzwords Translated for the Small Business Owner (Part 2)

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 12/11/12 9:16 AM

weekly IT buzzwords translated 2Last week I started translating IT buzzwords like public cloud, hybrid cloud and NAS so that these terms would actually mean something to a typical small business owner. I have seen the glazed over look of frustration when you talk with your IT guy or an outsourced IT consulting firm. For most small business owners, IT is a completely foreign language. But the next time you start to get lost in the conversation with your tech guy, remember that the buzzwords, solutions and trends he is talking about hold the keys to business continuity and your success as a leader. Subscribe to the blog here to get weekly buzzwords delivered to your inbox.

Here are 5 more IT buzzwords you should be familiar with as a small business owner:


Definition: (Voice over Internet Protocol)- Telephone or other communication services delivered over the internet.

SMB Significance: Consider looking into a hosted cloud VoIP phone system versus an on premise system. The benefits and cost are an attractive option to the traditional phone system. Be sure to do the proper due diligence as there are factors to consider to make sure this type of system will work for you.


Definition: Typically an appliance device that sits on the edge of your local network and connects you securely to the internet.

SMB Significance: A firewall will keep threats out of your network and can also provide services like VPN, content filtering and integrity checking of web sites that your end users are visiting. Anybody that has an internet connection must run a firewall. These can range from simple inexpensive devices for use at home or for a small office to more comprehensive devices that provide features many SMB’s may need or should consider.

File Sharing

Definition: A folder or files on a computer, server, NAS or cloud file sharing service that is “shared” to a set of users that allow them to work collaboratively with one set of files.

SMB Significance: Just about any business has files it needs to share amongst users or outside parties. It is important that proper file sharing security is setup as sometimes sensitive documents like employee salaries or HR matters are contained in file shares. An expert will set this security up properly.


Definition: A software or service that scans files, emails and websites for viruses when you access them. The antivirus system will protect your computers from getting the infection.

SMB Significance: Good antivirus tools are a critical component to your business. Although there is no silver bullet out there it is recommended a SMB uses a paid product as that ensures you the quickest updates to the latest threats and will provide support to help you should you get infected.


Definition: Malware is similar to a virus. Antimalware is a software or service that scans web sites you visit for signs of code, scripts active content or other software that will disrupt your computer operation or help an attacker gain access to your system and your private information.

SMB Significance: You don’t have to go to naughty web sites to get an infection. Many legitimate web sites are not properly secured and attackers can inject code into these sites that can infect your computer. Many modern security applications provide antivirus and antimalware in one application. Again, any good IT person has multiple tools in their toolkit to help fight and clean up these nasty infections. 

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