Keys to Building a Computer Network Support Plan for Your SMB

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 1/15/13 4:00 PM

computer network support planComputer networks dramatically improve productivity, but they also come with their own issues. Networks require almost constant administration to ensure data integrity, access to data and security. Imagine the devastation if your company network went down for a few hours. You have almost certainly dealt with that in the past. What would happen if that down time extended from hours to days? The cost, in both immediate expenses and incidental losses, would be tremendous. Computer network support is all about planning for the worst and minimizing your financial risk at the same time. You need to take a look at your existing IT plan and think about the "what if's."

What If Your In-house IT Department Isn't Enough?

In most cases, no in-house IT department is enough to cover all four of the pillars of IT support: on-site, remote, end-user and emergency. This would require your small business to invest in several expert technicians, all of whom would need to agree to be on-call. The cost of your technology department would go through the roof. Assess your current support system for weaknesses and consider the benefits of an outsourced IT support plan. 

  • Do you have managed anti-virus software?

  • Do you have data backup and recovery services?

  • Do you have access to emergency help when needed?

  • Can your provider remotely access your network to improve response times?

  • Who do your end-users call when there is a problem?

What If You Could Get a Total IT Support Package within Your Budget?

Budget concerns top the list of reasons why small businesses fail to implement a comprehensive computer network support plan. Outsourced IT support services offer a balance between budget concerns and safety requirements. Staffing a fully functional IT support department in-house takes several different employees, all of whom command top pay scales due to their extensive qualifications. Outsourcing much of that department gives you access to expertise in a variety of IT fields, without the expense of individual compensation packages. 

Outsourced small business IT support comes in several different varieties. You can engage a managed service provider to offer data backup and recovery, emergency services, managed anti-virus protection and additional network support. This offers your company the comprehensive protection it needs to minimize down time and maximize security protocols.

What If You Could Order IT Services On an As Needed Basis?

Outsourcing allows you to order custom IT support plans that fit your needs. No more worrying about what software packages offer the best security. No more worrying about accessing your data. No more worrying about rapid response to a server crash or network downtime. Outsourced IT services provide comprehensive support that covers all areas of technology from mobile computing to hardware maintenance. A qualified IT outsourcing company will work with your existing support structure. They can assess your current plan, make recommendations to fill and gaps and work with your IT department to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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