Why IT is an Insurance Center not a Cost Center for Biotech Startups

Posted by Steven Vigeant on 7/9/13 5:36 PM

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Information technology will be a line item on the budget of any biotech startup. Depending on the size of the business and the IT demands of their research, will dictate how much or how little IT you need. However, IT is best thought of as an investment rather than an expense. You need it to run your business and you expect it to be highly available, and the better the system you have in place, the more prepared you are to succeed from the very start.

In a technology driven industry like biotech, the daily operations of your company are entirely dependent on your computers, internet routers, servers, and security measures. Having the right technology, and the right IT partner, in place provides you with a powerful insurance policy against the setbacks that inevitably happen to young companies. Your IT can help you avoid the following common problems so that you can spend more time producing results for your investors.

Data Loss

Backing up and storing your company data on cloud based systems ensures that it is safe and accessible no matter what is happening at your lab. Technology failures, power outages and damage to facilities can all lead to potential data loss. This can set you back months and burn through precious investment funding. With the right IT systems in place, the valuable research that your biotech startup is producing is always stored safely.

Inadequate Technology

The needs of a biotechnology startup can change quickly. New influxes of funding and shifting research goals can transform your operational needs overnight. These changes often place new stresses on your business and lab processes as well as your IT infrastructure. New technologies make it easy for you to scale and adapt your technical capabilities quickly and organically. Instead of slowing down your lab processes and playing the shell game with your data , you can hit the ground running.

Security Breaches

The threat of virus and malware infections as well as hackers is real for any biotech startup, no matter how new or unknown the company is. Your IT protects you from data theft, malicious attacks, and accidental virus infection on your systems. Every startup needs to take this threat seriously, and the quality of your IT security program is your best defense. Having comprehensive, reliable 24-hour data protection safeguards your company's most valuable and sensitive information.

Accessibility Issues

In today's world, a significant amount of business and even research happens away from your base office. There is convenience of being able to access your data offsite or share it with outside resources but the right application is important. Choosing the wrong solution for this type of access can be a problem for your company. Be sure you investigate these options carefully and also be sure that the access is controlled and company sponsored. Avoid letting employees use their own personal cloud sharing accounts as this puts your data at risk and out of your control. Recent advances in private, public and hybrid cloud services make working off-site easier than ever. If something happens to your office or lab, or you simply can't be there in person, progress does not have to be interrupted. You simply need the right IT systems in place that make true mobility possible.

IT needs to be a priority for biotechnology startups from the minute they go into business. To learn more about the ways that IT helps more than it costs, read our most recent white paper “After the Seed: Planning IT Investment For a Biotech Startup.


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